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Plots and graphics in STACK

Plots and graphics can be placed into any of the CASText fields, e.g. question, worked solution, feedback.

There are a number of ways to embed plots, images, diagrams etc into STACK.

  1. Embed an external image, using the HTML <img> tag.
  2. STACK provides a plot command which provides access to some of the functionality of plot2d.
  3. Create an image with JSXGraph.
  4. For graph theory discrete graphs can be created directly using STACK's plot command command by building a combination of discrete and line plots.


  • The draw package is currently not supported.
  • Maxima's implicit_plot() function does not respect the plot options, and we cannot place the resulting plot files in the correct places. Hence, STACK does not currently support implicit plots. For reference try load("implicit_plot");implicit_plot(x^2+y^2=x^2*y^2+1,[x,-2,2],[y,-2,2]); in Maxima.
  • As of version 4.0, the tags {#...#} provide the possibility to interact with 3rd party scripts. If you have examples of this, please contact the developers.