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Updating JSXGraph

JSXGraph support in STACK relies on two parts.

  1. jsxgraph.js is not part of jsxgraph. Its task is to include the (modified) official jsxgraph file and it adds some additional functions (like bind_point).
  2. jsxgraphcore-lazy.js is the official jsxgraph fil.

These, and other JS, files are in amd/src.

1. Get JSXGraph

Download JSXGraph from here:

We need just need the file distrib/jsxgraphsrc.js.

2. Rename and Modify

Rename the file to jsxgraphcore-lazy.js.

Open the file and delete the first lines up to the line

var requirejs, require, define;


define(function () {

as the new first line.

Change the last line from




3. Replace

Copy the file to amd/src.

4. Create minified file

Use grunt amd in the amd folder to create the minified versions in amd/build.

See on how to properly setup nodejs and grunt.