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Compiling Maxima from source.

As of 21st Dec 2015 the following has been used to compile Maxima from source.

If you compile Maxima from source you must include unicode support. This is essential even if you only use Maxima in English. Students' answers, and teacher's content, increasingly uses unicode which inevitably passes through Maxima.

You will need the following, and GNU autotools

sudo apt-get install texinfo

Download and compile SBCL (Lisp)

cd /home/sangwinc/src
tar -xf sbcl-1.3.1-source.tar.bz2
cd sbcl-1.3.1/

sudo ./

Download and compile Maxima

cd /home/sangwinc/src
tar -zxf maxima-5.36.1.tar.gz
cd maxima-5.36.1/

./configure  --with-sbcl

sudo make install